Flipper Zero Mayhem

Flipper Zero Mayhem installer

Install the following apps to your Flipper. You can install them manually from the links below, but you can get them updating your firmware to the latest Unleashed/Version with Extra apps (remember to delete your previous apps folder when upgrading firmware): Next, jumper pin IO0 to GND and press and release reset on the ESP32CAM (check this to see the upload process). Upload the firmware pressing Install button below. For more details on the apps check this video, or take a look of the documentation.

Note 1: If you are using your Flipper to upload the firmware, remember to go to GPIO/USB-UART Bridge. After the upload, reset the ESP32 (or unplug/replug the module).

Note 2: If you do not see the Install button below, your browser might not support this functionality.

Note 3: Unplug the USB-C cable to test the apps.